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“Best bed definitely!   Best sleep certainly!   Best service without doubt from Amersham”!!

From: CF (Chelsea, London)   Hästens 2000T, Auroria, Luxuria, Limited Edition, Excel Beds

.  .  .  .  .   Customer Testimonial   .  .  .  .  .   

“Firstly, let me thank you for your ‘hands on delivery’ of my mother’s bed last week. Mum was so happy with the way you dealt with her. And for the extra mile you went in getting the headboard up the stairs and fitted. As you can imagine, this was indeed a big deal for an 80 yr old, so many many thanks.

As for me, and the Hästens 2000T, it is exactly as you said it would be. "The best night’s sleep you will get, the right side of the green stuff.

Good luck in the future, and for sure you will hear from me again.”

From: NK (St Johns Wood, London)   Hästens 2000T, Excelsior & Excel Beds

Hästens 2000T 

The Hästens 2000T is truly one of the most innovative of the Hästens bed range.

For 167 years Hästens has been in pursuit of achieving the ideal sleep for its discerning customers. This has resulted in Hästens producing the world renowned 2000T Bed.

The luxurious quality and comfort of the Hästens 2000T is very hard to challenge. It is a true masterpiece handmade by Master Craftsmen.

Hästens has produced the 2000T with the ultimate combination of ethically sourced and sustainable natural materials. There are 37 layers in the 2000T which includes horsetail hair, cotton, wool and flax. See full specification.

Like all Hästens beds, the natural materials in the Hästens 2000T Bed allows the free circulation of air, ensuring a comfortable temperature for sleep.

The key features of the Hästens 2000T is the softness, pliability and equally important it is very supportive and responsive.  In particular, the Hästens 2000T adjusts effortlessly to your micro-movements and changes in your body position as you sleep.

In addition, the 2000T has corner detailing on the base in brushed aluminium. It also has piping and double side stitching to maintain its elegant profile and structure.

The Hastens 2000T Bed is one of the most popular beds in the range.

When you lie on your Hästens 2000T Bed you will immediately feel a sense of weightlessness. Your body pressure points will be gently supported. As you drift off to sleep you will feel you are floating on a cloud.

Richard and Antonetta Kaye

For a combined total of 32 years, Richard and Antonetta are proud to have served discerning Hästens customers.

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