Hästens Appaloosa 

The Hästens Appaloosa Designed by: Bernadotte & Kylberg

In 2017, the renowned global Swedish designers, Bernadotte & Kylberg partnered up with Hästens in Sweden to create two inspirational, unique and timeless new designs, the Hästens Appaloosa and the Hästens Marwari. The beds are based on the extreme style and comfort of the Hästens 2000T.

In the Hästens Appaloosa, Bernadotte & Kylberg reinterpreted Hästens’ iconic classic Blue and White Check.

With inspiration from the cubism era, the design duo interweaved the original colors to create a new pattern where four colour fields make up a graphic abstraction and projects a sense of movement. It was important to see the pattern and recognise it as a Hästens bed, but with an innovative and modern twist.

Also, the irregular pattern, inspired by cubism, creates an interesting depth to the eye. Therefore pushing the boundaries beyond traditional bed design.

Finally, the bed’s name comes from the Appaloosa horses of America. We all recognise the Appaloosa horses for their colorful coats and also their irregular spots.

As a result, Hästens and Bernadotte & Kylberg have produced a timeless masterpiece that has the unique qualities to become an iconic classic of its own.

Waking up in a Hästens bed makes all the difference. It’s the world’s finest handmade bed, built with the ultimate combination of nature’s materials, together with tireless craftsmanship.


Hästens Appaloosa "A new bed design in the 2000T family"

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