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Hästens Bed Promotion | Ex Showroom Sale Beds | Order NOW to avoid disappointment
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Up to 40% Off Hastens Ex Showroom Beds

(all in mint condition) 

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The Hästens Bed Promotion in Amersham offers you a unique opportunity to buy a luxury Hästens Bed. Up to 4O% Off all our Hästens Ex showroom Beds. Call now to reserve your Hästens Bed.

The Hästens Amersham showroom has the largest display of beds (26 bed models) in the world.

We can offer you the entire range in all the tensions. There is a Hästens bed here with your name on it.

All the beds have BJX Luxury Top Mattresses

Hästens BedSale Price
20% Discount
Retail Price 
Size  cm TensionColour
ADJUSTABLE£15,112£18,890105 x 210MediumBlue Check
£9,584£11,980180 x 200Medium/Soft
Blue Check
£9,584£11,980180 x 200Firm/SoftBlue Check
£9,584£11,980180 x 200Firm/MediumBlue Check
£9,584£11,980180 x 200SoftBlue Check
£9,584£11,980180 x 200MediumBlue Check
£9,584£11,980180 x 200FirmBlue Check
SUPERIA£12,464£15,580180 x 200Firm/SoftBlue Check
SUPERIA£12,464£15,580180 x 200Medium/SoftBlue Check
SUPERIA£12,464£15,580180 x 200Firm/MediumBlue Check
SUPERIA£12,464£15,580180 x 200MediumBlue Check
MARANGA£14,224£17,780180 x 200SoftBlue Check
MARANGA£14,224£17,780180 x 200MediumBlue Check
MARANGA£14,224£17,780180 x 200FirmBlue Check
MARANGA£14,224£17,780180 x 200Extra FirmBlue Check
MARANGA£17,744£22,180215 x 215MediumBlue Check
Sale Price
25% Discount
Retail Price 
EALA£20,235£26,980180 x 200SoftBlue Check
EALA£20,235£26,980180 x 200MediumBlue Check
EALA£20,235£26,980180 x 200Firm/MediumBlue Check
HERLEWING£28,485£37.980180 x 200SoftBlue Check
HERLEWING£28,485£37.980180 x 200MediumBlue Check
HERLEWING£28,485£37.980180 x 200FirmBlue Check
(mattress and top mattress only)
£28,035£37,380180 x 200SoftSolid Sand Check
2000T£38,535£51,380180 x 200MediumBlue Check
2000T£38,535£51,380180 x 200FirmSolid Sand Check
Sale Price
30% Discount
Retail Price 
DREMAR£44,086£62,980180 x 200SoftPhantom Charcoal
DREMAR£44,086£62,980180 x 200MediumTraditional Blue
Sale Price
40% Discount
Retail Price 
VIVIDUS£146,394£243.990180 x 210
MediumBlue Check

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Hästens Bed Promotion

Hästens Amersham has The Largest Display of Hästens beds in the World

  • 26 Hästens Models in all Tensions
  • Up to 40% Discount on all Ex Showroom beds
  • Private Appointments - 7 Days a Week  t: +44 (0)1494 431200
  • Opening Times  -  Monday - Sunday (7am -  10pm).
  • Book a Private Sleep Consultation with our Hästens trained Sleep Experts
  • Order NOW to avoid disappointment
  • All Hästens beds come with a 25 year guarantee
  • Private Parking. (If travelling by train to our our showroom we will arrange to collect you at the station)