Hästens Beds on 0% Interest Free Finance

Hästens Beds on 0% Interest Free Finance


hastens beds on 0% interest free finance

Hästens Beds on 0% Interest Free Finance: It’s so easy

  • You only need to pay a small deposit.
  • There is no paperwork to complete
  • We can be approve your application in seconds
  • You can spread your payments over 12 months.

Hästens is world renowned for its devotion and passion for creating luxury beds for the best sleep imaginable.

Hästens was founded in 1852 in Sweden. For 6 generations Hästens has been perfecting the knowledge and skills to create the finest luxury beds imaginable.

All Hästens beds are made entirely by hand using only the finest natural materials which are sustainable and ethically sourced.

Hästens Amersham showcases the largest display of Hästens beds in Europe (18 bed models in all tensions)

Hästens Amersham would like to introduce you to the luxurious world of Hästens. We want as many people as possible to sleep on one of the most comfortable beds in the world.

We hope to achieve this by offering everyone the opportunity to buy Hästens Beds on 0% Interest Free Finance.

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Hästens Beds on 0% Interest Free Finance: A selection of our models and monthly payments

Hästens Bed  –  King Size (150cm x 200cm)  –  With BJ Top Mattress

Hästens ModelPrice25% Deposit Payment12 Monthly Payments
2000T £22,990.00£5,747.50£1,436.87
Appaloosa £23,160.00£5,790.00£1,447.50
Proferia £15,780.00£3,945.00£986.25
Auroria £11,580.00£2,895.00£723.75
Luxuria £6,960.00£1,740.00£435.00
Classic £5,490.00£1,372.50£343.12
Superia £5,840.00£1,460.00£365.00
Excel £4,800.00£1,200.00£300.00
Marquis £3,580.00£895.00£223.75
Lenoria £17,380.00£4,345.00£1,086.25


hastens beds on interest free finance

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