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For a combined total of 32 years, Richard and Antonetta are proud to have served discerning Hästens customers.

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Hästens Superia 

The Hästens Superia is the most sophisticatd frame bed.

The Hästens Superia is deeply supportive and supremely comfortable. 

You will feel yourself sink weightlessly into the bed. Just deep enough to ensure your spine is kept straight and in perfect alighment, whether you are on your side, back or front.

Hästens has produced the Superia Frame Bed with a combination of nature’s finest, ethically sourced and sustainable natural materials.

There are 15 layers in the Hästens Superia Bed which includes horsetail hair, cotton, wool and flax.  See full specification.

The multiple layers are joined by hand with the layer-upon-layer technique, devised and perfected by Hästens, therefore giving you the pliability and softness no synthetic bed could ever match.

Like all Hästens beds, the natural materials in the Hästens Superia Bed allows the free circulation of air, ensuring a comfortable temperature for sleep.

In addition, it has a double Hästens spring system therefore making it very pliable to sleep on. 

One factor of the Hästens Superia’s twin spring systems are that they are virtually silent in operation. So, while they work flawlessly to support your every move during sleep; they’ll do so without making a sound.

These layers are all nestled on a sturdy, Swedish Pine wooden frame.

The frame is made from a particularly slow-growing northern Swedish pine. This gives your bed extra stability, a permanence enhanced by our choice of traditional corner finger joints over screws and nails.

The Hästens Superia sits close to the floor for a sleek profile. It is a high-performance versatile luxury bed which will give you a sleeping experience on a whole new level.

All Hästens beds are handcrafted in Sweden by master craftsman. The skills they use are the key to your perfect sleep.

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