Our Story

Our Story started in 1987, over 36 years ago.

We are a family business, founded and run by husband and wife team, Richard and Antonetta Kaye. We met and were also married 35 years ago, within months of meeting.


our story

Antonetta and Richard Kaye

We specialise in high quality furniture, luxury beds and natural bedding. Our passion and dedication in providing exceptionally high quality products is paramount in our work.

The customer service we offer to each and every client is very important to us. This is evident in some of the exceptional testimonials our clients have sent us.

The Natural Bedding Company was born following 10 years of working with the luxury bed brand Hästens.

The Natural Bedding Company produce natural breathable bedding, designed to provide the highest level of quality, comfort and style.

The Natural Bedding Company aims to enhance your quality of life by creating a perfect sleep environment.

We opened our Private Hästens Showroom in Amersham in 2007. It is now the largest Hästens Showroom in Europe. It showcases the entire collection of Hästens luxury beds. We have 22 bed models on display in all the available tensions.

We are exclusive in our approach, as we are a Private Showroom. Appointments are available 7 days a week (7am – 10pm).

Whilst on a business trip to Sweden in the Spring of 2007 Antonetta and I stayed in a boutique hotel in Stockholm. It was here that we experienced 3 nights of incredible sleep. A kind of sleep quite different in its quality from anything either of us had experienced before.

We asked reception upon checking out at the end of our very relaxing stay at the hotel, who supplied their beds....no one seemed to know. Leaving, more than a little disappointed that we might never experience such blissful sleep again, we returned to reception and explained that they were blue and white check beds (as if somehow thinking this might help) and the very polite receptionist said rather casually “Then they must be Hästens Beds.”

We were now on a mission. On returning home to the UK we were determined to explore further why these beds were soooo good!

We contacted Hästens at their headquarters in Koping, 2 hours due west of Stockholm and arranged a factory visit to understand why their beds were so good. During our incredibly interesting tour of this Dream Factory we decided we had to work with this company.

Having at this time, worked in the furniture industry for 60 years between us, we realised that it is very rare for a company to produce a product that exceeds the hyperbole of its marketing. A bed that exceeds all expectations. We simply had to be part of this story that had been unfolding since 1852. Our professional journey into the World of Sleep had begun.

We are now in our 16th year of working with Hästens and our enthusiasm for the mission to help people sleep better is undiminished. From our close working relationship with our Swedish Partners, we come to really understand and appreciate the value of working with purely natural materials.

The Natural Bedding Company is an extension of this journey, by developing a collection of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers that are all made of natural materials, chemical free and without the inclusion of synthetic and oil-based man-made materials. Materials that breath naturally, control the humidity naturally, keep you naturally cool in the summer months and warm and cosy in the cooler winter months.

We should spend one third of our lives sleeping so it is very important to get the best quality of sleep you can. For our health and wellbeing, our bodies need long periods of uninterrupted sleep in order to restore, and repair as well as rejuvenate. We all need good quality sleep for a healthy existence and to help our brains function properly to promote a better quality of life.

Natural materials we use have the ability to wick away perspiration whilst you are sleeping. These materials draw moisture, preventing you from feeling clammy at night and helping to prevent those dreaded night sweats. The less you toss and turn, the deeper, more relaxing and supremely comfortable your sleep will be.

The Natural Bedding Company products are handcrafted and individually made to the highest and exacting ultimate quality standards in England and Ireland. The materials we use meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Having been in business for over 36 years we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and excellent customer service.