White Goose Down Duvet

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  • If you are looking for an affordable, excellent value for money yet superb quality duvet then our classic White Goose Down Duvet is the perfect duvet for you. With a higher content of feathers, this classic duvet is heavier in weight than duvets with a higher down content.
  • Our White Goose Down Pillow comprises, 85% New White European Goose Feather & 15% New White European Goose Down. 100% Cotton. 233 thread count and cotton piping. 100% Cotton casing. 233 thread count and cotton piping. Box construction with small 30cm x 30cm boxes, keeps the filling evenly distributed for enhanced insulation performance. Lovingly made in Ireland.
  • Made from natural materials, our White Goose Down Duvet is breathable, durable and resilient. It will assist regulate your body temperature, helping to keep you warm during cold winter nights and cool in the summer. It is suitable for people suffering from house dust allergy.
  • If your duvet is 5 years old or more it is probably full of dust mites and bacteria, which are major triggers for allergies asthma and other health issues. Synthetic duvets will need replacing much sooner. Your duvet may have lost its springiness and is unable to trap air to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. This is confirmation that you need to replace your duvet.
  • This classic White Goose Down Duvet will give you a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep in a healthy environment so that you will wake feeling totally refreshed each and every morning.

Product Description

Our White Goose Down Duvet is the perfect choice if you are looking for an affordable duvet. This classic duvet is excellent value for money.

Our beautifully comfortable and warm duvet is filled with excellent quality European goose feathers and down. This duvet has a higher content of goose feathers, combined with soft, fluffy goose down. This classic duvet is a heavier weight than those duvets with a higher goose down content. However, it is lighter than duck feather and down.

The feathers of the snow-white goose are bigger than that of a duck and therefore less filling is required to ensure your duvet is thermally efficient. The feathers help add weight to our cosy White Goose and Down Duvet. This means that it will lightly mould itself to your body. As a result, it will give you natural warmth, helping you to achieve the perfect sleep environment.

Our White Goose Down Duvet has the benefit of being naturally breathable. The duvet will assist regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Our naturally filled duvet also has the ability to breathe and wick away perspiration and moisture whilst you are sleeping, which is not the case with non-natural synthetic fillings. Because of its resilience, you can shake your duvet, to fluff it up in the morning and your duvet will just bounce back.

Our White Goose Down Duvet benefits from a box construction with small 30cm x 30cm boxes which keeps filling evenly distributed at all times and eliminates cold spots for enhanced insulation performance. This duvet is one of the best classic, everyday duvets money can buy and ideal for a comfortable and well deserved good night’s sleep.

White Goose Down Duvet: Composition and Casing

  • Our White Goose Down Duvet is filled with:
  • 85% New White European Goose Feather
  • 15% New White European Goose Down
  • 100% Cotton casing
  • 233 thread count
  • Cotton piping

White Goose Down Duvet: Quality Standards

  • Our White Goose Down Duvet is:
  • Made to E.N. 12934
  • Fillings are washed, sterilised and steam purified to E.N. 12935
  • Oeko-Tex (Confidence in Textiles)
  • Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Suitable for people suffering from house dust allergy
  • Quality assured and lovingly made in Ireland

Caring for your White Goose Down Duvet

  • All our natural-filled duvets are machine washable at 40°C in a large capacity machine
  • We would recommend you use a non-biological detergent
  • We recommend professional laundering

Our naturally breathable White Goose Down Duvet will keep you at the optimum temperature all night. We spend one third of our lives sleeping. It’s is important to get the best quality night’s sleep you can. Our bodies all require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate. We also need sleep to help our muscles to grow, repair tissue and synthesize hormones.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy existence. It helps to protect you physically and mentally. And therefore will help boost your quality of life. We all need good quality sleep to help our brains function properly so that we can face the challenges of the day ahead.

Your first step to achieving this goal is to treat yourself and snuggle up to our comfortable, classic White Goose Down Duvet.

Why not complement your comfy White Goose Down Duvet with a luxurious pair of White Goose Down Pillows.

White Goose Down Pillows

White Goose Down Pillows

Caring for your Down, Feather & Down and Wool Duvet

  • Prior to use – Upon removal from your packaging you should activate (fluff up) your duvets by shaking the duvet for a few minutes. Full lofting of the down will usually occur within 24 hours. Your body warmth will enable it to loft even more.
  • General Care
    • Change the position of your duvet within the duvet cover with each duvet cover change.
    • To keep fillings evenly dispersed to ensure there are no cold spots, duvets should be plumped up by shaking regularly.
    • Duvets should be plumped up by shaking regularly.
    • Regularly airing your duvet will keep it fresh.
  • Always read the care label instructions prior to washing.
  • All our naturally-filled Down and Feather & Down duvets are machine washable at 40°C in a large capacity machine.
  • All our naturally-filled wool duvets are machine washable at 30°C in a large capacity machine.
  • Non-biological detergent is recommended.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Make sure that your duvet is 100% dry before using to avoid clumping or ruining the filling.
  • Professional laundering is recommended.
  • Always store your freshly cleaned duvet in a breathable storage bag.
  • You should not store your duvet in a plastic bag.
  • After long periods of storage, you should shake your duvet to allow the duvet to re-loft to its original condition.
  • Airing your bed in the morning is a good habit to get into.
  • Keep your bed fresh by pulling back the duvet each morning to let your bed air before you make it. This allows the fibres to breathe and allows moisture to evaporate.
  • Use this as a chance to shake out your duvet to redistribute and puff up the filling.
  • Our duvets have a boxed construction, where the filling is held in each box allows an even distribution and prevents cold spots.
  • Always shake your natural duvet from the side, and not the bottom, to prevent the filling from moving between boxes.

A good quality natural duvet is an investment
Be sure to do what you can to extend the life of your duvet

Which Tog is Best for You?

Feather and Down Duvets

Summer Duvet – (4.5 tog – 6 tog)
  • You will be most comfortable with a lighter duvet in the summer.
  • We recommend a 4.5 tog or 6 tog, depending on how hot you get at night and how warm your bedroom is.
  • Duvet fill is an important factor in warm weather.
  • Natural fill duvets work really well as they will help you regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture for a fresher night’s sleep.
Spring Duvet – (10.5 tog)
  • If the weather is neither hot nor cold, go for a 10.5 mid-tog duvet.
  • Although, if you get hot in bed you may find a 4.5 tog – 6 tog duvet more comfortable.

 Autumn Duvet – (10.5 tog)

  • If the weather is neither hot nor cold, go for a 10.5 tog duvet. Because it can be difficult to judge the weather at this time of year, a duvet that helps with temperature regulation can be a dream come true.
  • We would recommend a 10.5 tog duvet, although if you get hot in bed you may find a 4.5 tog or 6 tog more comfortable.

 Winter Duvet – (13.5 tog)

  • Choose a higher tog for winter months.
  • Depending on how much you feel the cold and how chilly your home is, we would recommend a 13.5 tog duvet.

Wool Duvets

This is because wool fibres are self-regulating when it comes to insulation.

  • Summer                   Lightweight      (300gsm*)   tog equivalent 4-7 tog
  • Spring/Autumn      Medium weight (600gsm*)  tog equivalent 8-14 tog
  • Winter                       Lightweight and Medium weight (900gsm*) fastened together

(gsm* – grams of wool per square metre)

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