100% Certified British Wool Pillow


  • Wool Pillow (50cm x 75cm)
  • Our Luxury Pure Wool pillow is nature’s ‘minor miracle’. Wool is possibly one of the most unique, breathable natural filling materials which we use in our wool pillow, helping to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Our wool pillow is beautifully and lovingly handcrafted in England and made from sustainable 100% Platinum Grade Certified British Pure Wool, that has been cleaned and needled in England, without the use of bleach or chemicals to our high quality and exacting standards.
  • Did you know that neck pain, headaches and bad posture could simply be the result of poor pillow support. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resists bacteria. It provides a hygienic environment and can also help to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma. Wool is also naturally fire retardant.
  • Sleeping with wool bedding and a luxury wool pillow can help you to gain up to 25% more deep stage 4 regenerative sleep, during which time your body does most of its ‘repair work. The less you toss and turn, the deeper and more relaxing you will sleep.
  • If your pillow is 12 months old or older, it is probably full of dust mites, mould, pollen, fungus and bacteria, which are major triggers for allergies, asthma and other health issues. Now is the time to improve your quality of life and go back to nature with this luxury wool pillow which will give you a truly amazing night’s sleep so that you wake feeling totally refreshed each and every morning.
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Product Description

Our soft and luxurious wool pillow is nature’s perfect answer to helping you achieve a restful night’s sleep. Made from 100% Platinum Certified British Pure Wool, our pure wool pillow is a sustainable and renewable product. The pure wool comes from pure bred sheep who are reared for their wool and then return to enjoy the green pastures of England after shearing. Each of our wool products are handcrafted and individually made to high quality and exacting standards.

We clean and needle our wool in England. We do not the use bleach or chemicals. Our 100% certified British wool pillow is encased in 100% high quality luxury cotton and fitted with a concealed zip to enable access to the soft pure wool inside. This allows you to fluff up the wool when necessary or take the wool out to refresh it. Should you wish to adjust the firmness of your wool pillow you can remove some of the wool so that you can design a pillow that is just the right support for you.

Our wool pillow will give you medium support. Scientists have proved that sleeping with wool delivers 25% more stage 4 regenerative sleep, compared to non-natural synthetic fillings. This is the stage, during your deepest sleep when your body does most of its ‘repair work’. Our wool pillow will help in giving you a better quality of sleep which will enable you to wake more refreshed and able to face your day feeling well rested.

Our wool pillow will wick moisture and humidity away from you into the atmosphere, and will create a clean environment where dust mites and bacteria cannot survive and will provide a hygienic environment that dust mites hate. This makes our wool pillow the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, deterring triggers and helping to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma, so you to get a more restful night’s sleep.

For centuries, wool has been well known for its incredibly unique insulation properties. Wool is a naturally breathable material which helps regulate your body temperature. This means, sleeping on our wool pillow will assist regulate your body temperature, helping to keep you warm during cold winter nights and cool in the summer, whilst keeping you at even sleeping temperature. It draws moisture away, preventing you from feeling clammy at night and helping to prevent night sweats. Therefore, the less you toss and turn, the deeper and more relaxing your sleep will be.

This supremely comfortable and luxury wool pillow is your first step to achieving a perfect night’s sleep. You can relax knowing that your bedding is safe, healthy and improving your quality of life to help you feel re-energized and well rested in the morning.

100% Certified British Wool Pillow: Composition and Casing

Our 100% Certified British Wool Pillow is filled with:

  • 100% Pure Wool (100% Platinum Certified British Wool)
  • 100% Luxury soft cotton casing
  • Concealed zip allows access to the wool
  • Support – Medium

100% Certified British Wool Pillow: Wool Quality Standard

Our Wool Pillow is:

  • 100% Platinum Certified British Wool (sustainable and renewable)
  • Platinum certification guaranteed by The British Wool Marketing Board
  • Cleaned and needled in England without the use of bleach or chemicals
  • Wool is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Can help to relieve symptoms of allergies and asthma
  • Suitable for persons suffering from house dust allergy
  • Wool is naturally fire retardant
  • Quality assured and lovingly made in England

100% Certified British Wool Pillow: Caring for your Wool Pillow

  • All our wool pillows are machine washable at 30°C (wool cycle) in a large capacity machine.
  • You should take extra care if you wash the pillow as a whole.
  • It is advisable to remove the wool and wash the outer casing separately
  • We would recommend you use  non-biological wool care detergent
  • Do not tumble dry

Our naturally breathable Wool pillow will keep you at the optimum temperature all night. We spend one third of our lives sleeping.  So it’s important you get the best quality night’s sleep you can. Our bodies all require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate. We need sleep for our muscles to grow muscle, repair tissue and synthesize hormones. A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy existence, protecting you physically and mentally as well as boosting your quality of life. We all need good quality sleep to help our brains function properly so that we can face the challenges of the day ahead.

Your first step to achieving this goal is to indulge yourself, go back to nature and snuggle up to nature’s ‘minor miracle’ Wool Pillow.

Why not complement your luxurious 100% Certified British Wool Pillow with a soft and luxurious 100% Certified Wool Duvet and 100% Certified Wool Mattress Topper.

Wool Duvet

100% Certified British Wool Duvet


wool mattress topper

100% Certified British Wool Mattress Topper




Caring for your Down, Feather & Down and Wool Pillow

  • Prior to use – Upon removal from your packaging, you should give your pillow a few good shakes from end to end and side to side for a few minutes.
  • We recommend you use a natural pillow protector and wash it frequently (once a week would be advisable) in hot water. This cover will help to protect the natural materials from your body oils, perspiration and other soils which will help to extend the useful life of your pillow.
  • Always read the care label instructions prior to washing.
  • All our naturally-filled Down and Feather & Down Pillows are machine washable at 40°C in a large capacity machine.
  • All our wool pillows are machine washable at 30°C (wool cycle) in a large capacity machine.
  • Extra care should be taken if you wash your wool pillow as a whole.
  • Non-biological detergent is recommended.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Make sure that your pillow is 100% dry before using to avoid clumping or ruining the filling.
  • Professional laundering is recommended.
  • Natural fillings require gentle care to maximise their longevity.
  • Always store your freshly cleaned pillow in a breathable storage bag.
  • You should not store your pillow in a plastic bag.

A good quality pillow is an investment
Be sure to do what you can to extend the life of your pillow

Did You Know?

  • Your head weighs 4.5 – 5.5 kilos (10-12lb)?
  • Your neck contains 7 of the spine’s 33 vertebrae?
  • If you have neck pain, a stiff neck, suffer from headaches then this may be as a result of poor pillow support whilst sleeping.
  • Poor pillow support can also cause narrowing of the air pipe, resulting in obstructed breathing, and sometimes snoring, which can hinder sleep.
    And ……. can often cause arguments!
  • If the height of the pillow is too high or low when sleeping, your neck is bent abnormally out of alignment, causing muscle and joint strain. You can even wake with headaches.
  • A good pillow should hold your head, neck and spine in correct alignment whilst sleeping.
  • The human neck curves slightly forward (to sustain the weight of the head when upright), and it is very important to maintain this curve when in a resting position.
  • No matter what position you lie in, the pillow should be under your head, but not your shoulders, and should be a thickness that allows your head to be in a normal position.
  • A pillow that is too soft will allow the head to flop, curving the neck.
  • A pillow that is too hard will give you a crick in the neck.
  • It is preferable to sleep on your back and on your side.
  • If possible, avoid sleeping on your tummy as this puts a lot of strain on your neck as your neck is permanently twisted throughout the night.
  • A naturally filled (feather and down and wool) breathable pillow is the perfect choice. These natural materials help regulate your body and keep it at the optimum temperature whilst you sleep.
  • Pillows affect your sleeping posture, so it is important to have a good quality pillow.
  • It is recommended that you change your pillow every 1 – 2 years (depending on how it has been maintained) for a healthy sleeping environment.
  • It is time to change your pillow if:
    • You have any of the above issues.
    • The internal supportive materials have broken down.
    • When your pillow has lost its loft (height).
    • When your pillow becomes lumpy.
    • When your pillow becomes discoloured.
    • Your pillow is old and unwashed.
  • Old and unwashed pillows could also contain as much as 10% of its weight in skin scale mould, dead and living dust mites and their allergen laden droppings!
  • If that’s not what you want to cuddle up to at night, then

It’s definitely time to change your pillow!

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