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“I cannot tell you how happy I am with my new Hästens Bed.  It feels like I've been sleeping on the floor most of my life. Thank you again for your help. You have been truly fantastic.”

From: AL (Belgravia, London)  Hästens Herlewing Bed


Hästens Herlewing 

Three Spring System to raise you to a higher dimension of relaxation.

The Hästens Herlewing Bed is based on the same advanced spring system developed for Hästens 2000T Bed. 

Hästens has produced the Herlewing Bed with the ultimate combination of ethically sourced and sustainable natural materials.

There are 38 layers in the Hästens Herlewing Bed which includes horsetail hair, cotton, wool and flax. See full specification.

Like all Hästens beds, the natural materials in the Hästens Herlewing Bed allows the free circulation of air, ensuring a comfortable temperature for sleep.

The key features of the Hästens Herlewing Bed is the softness, pliability and equally important it is very supportive and responsive.  In particular, the Herlewing Bed adjusts effortlessly to your micro-movements and changes in your body position as you sleep.

The springs in the middle mattress are fixed one by one and react individually to pressure. The effect is outstanding: Two people together in the same bed lie in their own sphere, without the movements of one disturbing the other.

In the base of the Hästens Herlewing Bed are two further spring systems. Carefully adapted to each other, they provide every part of your body with the support it needs.

Hästens has designed the Herlewing to give you full body support and pressure relief. Therefore it will keep your body aligned as you sleep.

It has extreme pliability and surface softness so it will give you a blissfully undisturbed and truly revitalising sleep.

Your body pressure points will be gently supported. As you drift off to sleep you will feel you are floating on a cloud.

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